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Exploring difficult behaviours in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Exploring difficult behaviours in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

If you wish to complete the online survey at a later time, please do not close the page or click the back button. Click 'Resume later' to exit the online survey, and complete it at a later time.  

Thank you for expressing an interest in the study. Researchers at the University of Birmingham are inviting parents/carers of people with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex to take part in a questionnaire study looking at difficult behaviours in children with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex.



Instructions for completing the questionnaire:


1. Press 'Next' to enter the password that you were given in the study advertisement. If you have not been given a password, please contact Stacey Bissell at or call 0121 414 2855.


2. Once you have entered your password, you will then be shown information about the study. If you decide you would like to take part, you will be required to fill out an online consent form.  


3. The questionnaires should be completed by the main caregiver.  


4. Please do not press the back button on your browser while completing the survey, as your answers will not save properly.  



This questionnaire will take approximately 1 hour to complete. If you would like to take a break, you can click 'Resume later' to exit the questionnaire. You will then need to 'Load the unfinished survey' to complete the questionnaire at a later time.