Involuntary Movements in Golf: Online Questionnaire

This study is part of a University of Birmingham research project. We are exploring the experiences of Golfers whose shots are adversely affected by involuntary movements (i.e. twitches, jerks). The reason for this is to determine the origins of this problem and it is hoped the results can be used in the future to help spot the early signs or the circumstances that lead to the development of these involuntary movements (i.e. prevention)

In addition to completing the survey you may be invited to take part in a follow-up interview to further explore this. If you are invited to take part in the interview we will send you additional information and participation in it is again voluntary. 

We hope that the finding of the study will benefit all golfers in that we may move a step closer to understanding the problem of involuntary movements in golf. It is currently unclear what exactly causes this problem, and we aim to shed more light on this and then potentially go on to develop treatments that will help to alleviate the problem once it has started. Not everyone will be selected for the interview phase however each survey completed will help with the research into this problem, the results of which will be shared will all participants after the completion of the study.

We would be grateful if you could complete the following questions as honestly as possible. The process should only take you 10 minutes and in total there are 19 questions.

All information attained through the questionnaire will remain confidential and will be held under the Data Protection Act at the University of Birmingham for 10 years before being destroyed. Your data will be anonymised 20 days after the end of the interview stage.. 

You are able to withdraw from the questionnaire at any time by not completing it. Once you have completed the questionniare you may withdraw from the study by contacting one of the researchers below. However, once the data is anonymised you will no longer be able to withdraw form the study as we will no longer be able to identify your individual data.

If you require any more information, or have any queries, please feel free to contact Gordon Morrison,, or my supervisor, Dr Matthew Bridge,


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There are 19 questions in this survey.